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My name is Tyler Buckingham, creator of The Bucking Fit Life to help others move well, feel good, and live better through our three pillars: Nutrition, Mental Health, and Fitness.

Join a community of individuals looking to take bucking control of their lives and empowering themselves toward the life they've always wanted.

Each week, we will explore deeper into what it means to get bucking fit to live bucking fit. We will also listen in to several experts throughout the months to gain their knowledge that you won't find anywhere else! This is all about making the experts more accessible to you all while giving you structure and clarity to live healthier, more sustainable lives.

As a life-long learner, I have found the three pillars of The Bucking Fit Life (Nutrition, Mental Health, & Fitness) to be integral to the success of myself and my clients as we journey toward living a more complete life. 

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What people are saying about The Bucking Fit Life!

"I’ve always had an unhealthy relationship with the gym. I’d work out for hours or some weeks not at all. As a dancer and performer, cross-training is not only important for this lifestyle—it is necessary. Working with Tyler has taught me that in order to be consistent, you must prioritize your nutrition, your mental health, and most importantly, your rest and recovery. I now have an understanding of how to maintain balance in my lifestyle, all while having a healthy and happy relationship with the gym, and with my body."

- Chloe Cordle

"Since working with Tyler my relationship with food and my body have changed for the better. These changes happened organically, and are long-lasting, because of his gentle guidance. Tyler has a unique ability to tap into your goals and help you realize them without applying any shame or pressure. He’s pushed me in workouts, helping me tap into strength I didn’t know I had, and he’s also taught me the value of rest and breath. His approach to training is balanced, thoughtful and fun. He is knowledgeable and an absolute delight to work with. I highly recommend his services!"

- Lorna Sherwinter

"Starting my journey with The Bucking Fit Life was the best birthday present I could ever have given myself. Tyler’s wholistic approach to well-being and his encouragement has led not just to physical milestones but also a camaraderie that drives me to be better in all aspects of my life."

- John Pruner

"Tyler is a coach of discernment. He not only wants to help push us towards our goals, but he encourages us to listen to our bodies and know when NOT to push. When to be gentle with our bodies and when to challenge ourselves. It’s helped me greatly to work with him, considering how many injuries I’ve had in the past. I have progressed without re-injury, and that’s something I can’t say about other programs I have joined."

- Anissa Matlock
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The Bucking Fit Life

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