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What's Included?
  • 3 Masterclass Series: To help you live a healthier, more sustainable life and stress less, while living more!
  • Over 200 Educational Videos: Showing you how to Get Bucking Fit, so you can Live Bucking Fit!
  • 3 Complete Cookbooks: So you never have to wonder what you are cooking for dinner!
  • Private Group Access: For support, accountability, and even MORE information to help you thrive!
  • 12+ Months of Workouts: Move well, feel good, and live better than ever before!
  • And So Many More: That they won't fit in this space!
"Starting my journey with The Bucking Fit Life was the best birthday present I could ever have given myself. Tyler’s wholistic approach to well-being and his encouragement has led not just to physical milestones but also a camaraderie that drives me to be better in all aspects of my life."
- John P.
"Since working with Tyler my relationship with food and my body have changed for the better. These changes happened organically, and are long-lasting, because of his gentle guidance. Tyler has a unique ability to tap into your goals and help you realize them without applying any shame or pressure...  His approach to training is balanced, thoughtful and fun."
- Lorna S.

Basic Buck Membership

Gain access to all 3 Masterclasses and every course section they have to offer! Dive into your Bucking Fit Life Journal, get bucking fit with over 12 months of workouts, and enjoy a private community for support and deeper education with our experts!

Premium Buck Membership

Enjoy all the perks of the Basic Buck Membership with the added bonuses of Weekly Accountability Check-Ins and your very own Custom Nutrition Guide!
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