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The Bucking Fit Life
How It All Came Together (The Short Story)
When I was in college, I suffered a career-ending injury that resulted in 50lbs of weight gain in just 3 months which led to over 3 years of calorie counting and weighing my food only to get wonderful results, but feel absolutely miserable the whole time; which led me to hundreds of hours of research, self-experimentation, and coaching over several hundred clients to create The Bucking Fit Life!

This was all designed to help others get to where myself and my clients have gotten time-and-time again, but faster and more effectively than we could have hoped for!

Stress less and live more with The Bucking Fit Life Masterclass Series launching 02/22/2022!

How It All Came Together
(The Long Story)

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly do I get with the Masterclasses? Watch the full video!

When you sign up for The Bucking Fit Life, you'll have your very own membership login and get access to our Nutrition, Mental Health, and Fitness portals which have over 30 courses to go through across our 3 Pillars of Health.
*From The Bucking Fit Life Nutrition Masterclass Series*
You'll receive an entire workbook to complete on your own, or to follow-along with Tyler and the team as we go in-depth to creating your own Bucking Fit Life in the private Facebook group that only members have access to.

A complete list of everything you get with your monthly subscription:

The Bucking Fit Life Nutrition Masterclass Series
   - 9 complete courses to take your Nutrition up several levels and fix your food relationships forever!
   - 6 weeks worth of meal planning and grocery shopping (so you don't even have to THINK about it!)
   - 120+ easy-to-make recipes to turn you into an expert chef over night!
   - The 12-step process to Never Diet Again and take your life back!

The Bucking Fit Life Mental Health Masterclass Series
   - More than 15+ worksheets to use again and again to hack your habits and crush your goals!
   - Hours upon hours of encouragement, empowerment, and elevation to level up your life!
   - Practical, manageable, and real guidance to put yourself in the driver seat to less stress and more results!

The Bucking Fit Life Fitness Masterclass Series
   - 90+ Follow along workouts led by Tyler Buckingham, so you can get bucking fit to live bucking fit!
   - Lifestyle training to show you how to get results that are more than just to build muscle (which you will)!
   - Over 6 other 60-day workout programs through our Get Bucking Fit App to keep you fit year round!

The Bucking Fit Life Workbook
   - Over 50+ worksheets to fill out across Nutrition, Mental Health, & Fitness to live The Bucking Fit Life!

The Bucking Fit Life Quarterly Journal
   - 13 weeks of journaling with daily inspirational quotes and weekly self check-ins!

Private Group Access
- We'll go live every week to discuss different courses through Nutrition, Mental Health, & Fitness!

Weekly Email Accountability & Support
   - Weekly check-ins from our customer service team to keep you feeling supported and encouraged every step of the way on your journey!

Still on the fence with all of this insane value?? Join The Bucking Fit Life Community on Facebook for free to get a small taste of what we have to offer you each and every day!

How often will you go live in the private group?

As part of your membership to The Bucking Fit Life, we will go live at least once per week to talk about one of the Pillars of Health (Nutrition, Mental Health, or Fitness) and do an in-depth exploration with each one, providing accountability, support, and guidance for you as you navigate the courses on your own.

Feel free to drop in each week and ask questions for our Q&A section of each live (the last 10-15 minutes of each live video). 

When will the health & wellness professionals join the live videos?

Every other week (once we've launched) there will be a health & wellness professional providing us all with further information, expertise, and insight into our Nutrition, Mental Health, & Fitness.

Currently, we have a: Registered Dietician, Physical Therapist, Licensed Therapist, Exercise Physiologist, and Youth Sports Specialist partnered with The Bucking Fit Life to bring you all new and exciting information to move well, feel good, and live better!

This all sounds great, but what are your credentials, Tyler?

I'm glad you asked! It's always important to know who you are learning from and whether or not they are a reliable source of information...

Fitness Certifications
Pain-Free Performance Specialist *M (Masters Distinction with the PPSC)
Certified Fitness Trainer (International Sports Sciences Association)
Strength & Conditioning Coach (International Sports Sciences Association)

Nutrition Certifications
Precision Nutrition, Level 1 (Precision Nutrition)
Intermittent Fasting Specialty (Precision Nutrition)
Macronutrients Specialty (Precision Nutrition)
*Plant-Based Eating Specialty (Precision Nutrition)

Mental Health Certifications
*How Do We Change Our Behavior, Specialist in Change Psychology (Precision Nutrition)
*Sleep, Stress Management, & Recovery Certification (Precision Nutrition)

*Current Continuing Education Courses*

I have fully recovered from a torn hamstring, broken ischial tuberosity, and herniated L4-L5 disk with the thought that I would not be able to lift again (proved them wrong)!

Furthermore, everything you see in these courses has been something I have found valuable along my weight loss journey (over 40+ lbs and keeping the weight off for good!), practicing better mindfulness and mental health practices, and not destroying myself every time I go into the gym. These are also guides and practices that have been paramount in the success of the hundreds of clients I have served over the last 5 years with my Buckingham Fitness personal training and online coaching.

I started to live my life, not just recover from all the stress I was putting on it...

And I wanted a seat at the table so badly that I stopped asking for one and built my own damn table!

Welcome to... The Bucking Fit Life!
Our Bucking Fit Life Coaching
We are proud to be partnered with these highly accomplished individuals!
Dr. Todd Buckingham, Ph.D.
An exercise physiologist, 11-time National Champion (triathlete & duathlete), 2-time World Champion (triathlete), and cinnamon roll connoisseur! Todd is a wonderful asset and an extensive source of quality information.
Shannon Davis, RD
A registered dietician, fitness fanatic, and amazing contribution to The Bucking Fit Life team! Shannon compliments us all with her expert care and incredible knowledge.
Christopher May, PT, DPT
A Doctor of Physical Therapy, Olympic Trials qualifying marathon runner, and trusted professional in the Atlanta, GA community! We are floored to have him on board.
Julie Davies, LPC
A licensed therapist, former Division 1 volleyball player, former model in New York, and wonderful wife and mother. We are so lucky to have Julie on board!
John (JD) Durante, CSCS
A youth sports specialist with a beard to be feared, but the warmest heart you'll ever come across! JD is an excellent addition to the team.

The Bucking Fit Life

Courses Coming Soon...
Keto Crashcourse
Alcohol Nutrition
Mental Health
Modeling & Mental Health
An Athlete's Identity (After Sports)
Intro to Triathlons
Intro to Physical Therapy
The Energy Pathways Explained
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