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*With Guidance From An Exercise Physiologist And Physical Therapist*

The Bucking Fit Life


Masterclass Series

Wouldn't it be nice to wake up without back pain? Feeling rested, ready to move, and tackle the day ahead?

Now you can!

With our Lifestyle Training and Get Bucking Fit programs, we'll show you how ANYONE can Move Well, Feel Good, and Live Better than ever before. 

Remove the pain, enjoy the results!
Lifestyle Training
Training for a lifetime should involve more exercises than simply a Saturday High-Intensity class at your local gym. We are massive fans of those workouts, but there needs to be more emphasis on how we move FOR A LIFETIME, not just for an hour.

Mobility drills, strength training, bodyweight workouts, alleviating pain, practical exercises that will translate to your daily lifestyles!
A Fitness Plan For Everyone
Our Get Bucking Fit, Follow Along, and Torch Afterburn programs will have something for EVERYONE!

With over 200 hours worth of training opportunities ahead of you, you'll be able to take your results to the next level. Whether you follow along or want a downloadable plan to write your fitness plan in, then we have something for you!
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Move Well. Feel Good. Live Better.
Educate, Empower, & Elevate! 
This is how we do things with The Bucking Fit Life!
Tired of Knee Pain While Squatting?? Check Out This Video to Remove Your Pain!

How To Workout When You Have *NO* Time!

If you're not training to be a NASCAR driver, then why are you on the road? That sounds silly, right?! 
The same is true of people going to the gym... not everyone wants to be a bodybuilder!

What You Get When You Sign Up!

  • Full access to the Nutrition, Mental Health, & Fitness Masterclass Series when the program opens on 02/22/2022!
  • ​Over 120+ easy-to-make recipes and 6 weeks of grocery shopping and meal planning!
  • ​Weekly Live Videos in our private Facebook group where we break down healthier habits across all three pillars of The Bucking Fit Life!
  • Hundreds of hours of content to help you move well, feel good, and live better than ever before!
  • ​The Bucking Fit Life Journal to keep track of the wins, the gratitude, and all the excitement in your life!
  • ​​So many more insane deals we can't list them all here!

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The Bucking Fit Life

Upcoming Events
The Bucking Fit Life Masterclass Series Official Launch
 February 22, 2022 - 6pm
"Let's Bucking Talk" with
Health and Wellness Professionals
 March 10, 2022 @ 6pm
 March 24, 2022 @ 6pm
 April 7, 2022 @ 6pm
 April 21, 2022 @ 6pm
Courses Coming Soon...
Keto Crashcourse
Alcohol Nutrition
Mental Health
Modeling & Mental Health
An Athlete's Identity (After Sports)
Intro to Triathlons
Intro to Physical Therapy
The Energy Pathways Explained
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